Monday, October 26, 2009



In my 22 years of existence..

Most of which was spent in school..I have never failed an examination..hell!..I have never even took one reexamination... I am now.For the 1st time in my god forsaken life..I will take my first-ever removal RESEARCH!!!!

I still can't believe that i didn't get a passing mark!...damniT!!!!!!!!..I spent almost 2 days studying for this mofo subject..

Actually..I'm not mad because I didn't pass...I'm just not satisfied with the reasons why 11 out of 23 students were asked to remove and the rest failed..I mean..c'mon..We did our part..We studied hard for your examinations..Plus you're not the only one teaching the subject..There are 2 of you..How come you didn't acknowledge the other teacher's efforts?...YOU gave her topics to discuss, you instructed her to make an examination, you told her to compute our grades..THEN YOU DISREGARD ALL OF HER HARD WORK!!..Why didn't you incorporate the grades we got from her?...Why did you make this subject into a one-man show, when there were two of you involved?...I mean if you took the grades we got from her..all of us would have passed..but no!! chose to throw all her efforts away because you were trying to prove to the whole world that no one can outsmart you..You didn't give the other teacher the chance to be able to defend us by not informing her that the deliberation for research was today..

You can't deny the fact that you didn't inform because we asked her if she going to attend the deliberation..and she was MOTHERFUCKIN" surprised that she wasn't informed..C'mon,MAN!!!...You can't do this..

Have a heart..You know that what you're doing is wrong..sooo..pls..look at the bigger picture..Why not let the students pass..they deserved to be able to see good results from what they have worked sooo hard on..and pls...have some respect fo your colleague..You're in this together..don't insult her by thinking that her teaching skills isn't good enough..coz come think of it..if more students passed her examinations..itonly means that she's a more effective teacher..


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MEDICINE..A nEw Chapter


So its about a year now since I last posted here..

YOU wanna know the reason why?... It's because I was not contented with all the blood and the tears I spilt during the last 5 years of my life... The last 5 years, which took me to the brink of insanity and back again..

NO!... Enduring years of studying Medical Technology was not yet challenging for me..I had to plunge myself in another pit full of power-hungry people, and egotistical professionals just to be able to satisfy my thirst for knowledge...

DAMN!!!..I took the liberty of getting a stone..NO..A BOULDER!.. and made use of it by shoving it up my ass..I mean..MAN!!... What the HELL was i thinking!!..c'mon..MEDICINE LIFE?..

Sure..I got through the 1st semester..but shit!..i still have a long way to go..And who's to say i won't meet a lot of stupid-ass-shit people along the way..I mean..GOD!!!..When i was in college..I took research for granted, and still passed with flying have to spend half the night studying for this friggin' subject..hell!..I could fuckin' sleep my way through the night and still get a grade of 83 on my Neuroanatomy subject..but a 60 for Research??!!!!!

I guess I'm not mad with the whole MEDLIFE, per se..I'm just ticked off by the fact that the whole class is failing one, measly minor subject because the person teaching it has an ego, the size of the whole galaxy, but possesses a brain that is as big as a booger!!!..calling that person,"peabrain", would be the overstatement of the year..I mean..HELLO!!!!!!YOU FAILED A LOT OF PEOPLE, WHO COULD CONSTRUCT BETTER SENTENCES THAN YOU..damnit,GUY! are soo full of yourself....grow up..just because you were such a loser when you took up medicine, doesn't mean you have to take out all your frustrations and spite on us...

OKay..I've had my rants..I'm sorry if i took it out on the whole course..I love MEDICINE..I just HATE RESEARCH!!!!!!!!