Saturday, January 14, 2017


Remember when we first met?

We were as different as 2 individuals can ever be.  We never agreed on anything except on one thing:DANCE

For years we never see eye to eye, but God had plans for the both of us. We became the best of friends and then we became more than that..

8 years we faced everything life could possibly throw at us, and we remained strong.  We surpassed illness, misunderstandings, and even the lost of a love one.

Majority of the time, I was handed the short end of the stick.  I was always the one with the problems.  You knew me better than anyone.  I was never the one to wear my heart on my sleeve. I never lash out.  I don't even shed a tear when I feel down.  You were the only one who can see right through me.  You can even sense that something wasn't right even through a simple text.

We were a team..We will always be a team.  I don't know how the system went during the years that we were a couple, but it worked.

We know that we are far beyond perfect, maybe that's what made our relationship strong.  We had our share of trials, but we remained steadfast.

People love the way our relationship goes.  They don't know how we did it, but they love the way we work together.  We are not the most ideal of relationships, and we are not conventional as all couple go but it works for us.

Remember the song we shared when we first got together?
Remember the line," the vacuous night steps aside to give meaning to Gemini's dreaming"?

It was..and it will always be our song.  It was depressing for most parts, and its meaning cloaks the most tragic story of romance ever written, but we loved it.  We loved how a song so short could speak volumes.

We never had the same taste in music, and we were introduced to different forms of dance, but again we compromised.  You supported me when I danced to the classical sound of Giselle and Nutcracker, and I cheered you on when you get down to the beat of Snoop Dogg and the Teriyaki Boys.  You grimace but lend your ears to my weird taste in music when I force you to listen to the songs  the likes of Wild Belle's "Keep You" and Scotty McCreery's "I Love You this Big", and I try my best not to scrunch my nose up when you keep playing your Christmas songs all year round.

We were never conventional, and we have the weirdest relationship any person could encounter, but it was perfect for the both of us.  It was our own version of a fairy tale.

Now, the fates handed you a short straw, and I see you slowly fall apart.  I never knew we could come to a point that our unconventional way of dealing with things would slowly leave us broken.  Our exterior is cracking, and people can feel the tension.  We never hang our dirty linen in public, but my heart soared for the support we are receiving.

Now it's my turn to be the strong wall you can lean on.  I want you to know that it would take more than this incident to break us apart.  We are, after all, super heroes.  You have been there through all the tough times in my life, and I promise you I won't leave now.  Though you did not utter a word, I know you need me now.  We may have to go about our daily routines, but I know you do feel that I am with you 24/7.

The song goes,"We'll have about an inch space, But I'm here.I can breathe in what you breathe out"

Yes..I'm here.  I'm not leaving..

We may have been built on tough love.  No mushiness when it comes to dealing with each other, but now is the time to let them see that we are indeed what we are built out of:TOUGH LOVE

Love was never a responsibility for the both of us.  It was what we were accustomed to..It was like we were indeed created to fit each other 2 perfect pieces of a puzzle.  It was a way of life for the both of us.

Presence was never an issue for we have always been with each other through good times and bad.

You have been beaten down by things beyond our control, but we will get through this.  We always do.

We managed to survive bouts of emotional typhoons and hurricanes.  A little drizzle cannot wash away our foundation.

I never been one to express myself emotionally, but now I am laying this all out in the open.
I support you, and I will always be here for you.

We are 2 parts of a whole..

We are strong..
We are resilient..
We will always be "Supertwins"..

after all..we are GEMINI..


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Don't Break

Dear Heart,

 It's a new year, but you have been feeling the same despair since day 1.

I know you're tired, but please be strong.  Do not break.  Continue to beat..Beat and fight for yourself and for the others around you.

These are trials that you have to face, and there will be times that you will hurt so badly that you will bleed.  It's part of what you are.  You were made to be surpass whatever trials come your way.  You have never been one for the rules.  In the anatomy of life, you never listen to the thoughts and opinions of the brain.  You make your own decision, and you set your own path.

It's who you are, heart, so don't change. You trip, you stumble, and you always fall, but you still get up and keep on walking.  You are strong, don't let other people tell you otherwise.

I know the past month or so has been tedious and a bit of a struggle for you.  I can feel you hurting.. I can feel you getting exhausted.  There are times that I can barely breathe because I can feel you take up too much space.  I feel you trying to outrun the agony.  I know you have been trying to escape the pain.  I feel it every single day.  I feel you getting weaker and weaker each day, but you kept fighting.

All you feel, I feel twice as much.  Each time you run out of breath, I feel the suffocation.  The times you run so fast just to be okay, I feel the crushing pain and the exhaustion.  The moments you try to slow down and go numb, I feel the world closing in, and each time you feel like giving up, I can see the blackness creeping in the corners of my eyes.

You are strong,dear heart, I know you are.  Hold on.

You have been hurt..You are bleeding..You have the battle scars for all your triumphs and failures..

I own you, so I feel all your trials and tribulations, but most of all I feel your pain and exhaustion.

Just rest and continue fighting,dear Heart..

Continue to love..Continue to Fight..

I cry each time you feel the sadness..

I love you,heart, that's why I'm urging you to be strong and keep fighting..

I know you're serene..Rest..

but please..

Don't Break..