Saturday, October 21, 2017

Keep Beating

                Dear Heart,
                                You are strong.  Keep fighting.  I know you are battered, shattered even, but you still keep on beating.  You have been through a lot of turmoil, but you managed to see it through.

                I know you are presently bleeding.  It hurts to know that despite your value, you are thrashed and tattered to bits, but it amazes me to know that despite being torn apart, you are still struggling to survive.  You never gave up the hope that in time you will be whole again.

                I treasure you, dear Heart, you are precious; never let your experiences tell you otherwise.  Please know that you may be hurting now, and when you heal the marks will remain, but I am asking you not to let those scars define who you are.  Think about all the challenges you have been through, and how you came out bruised but victorious.

                A gentle soul whispered to you as you lay there silently glowing dim.  It knew that you were iron-clad, and that you will eventually shine bright once again.  It told you that you were created for far better reasons than what you have been fighting for.  It told you to remain strong and to eventually stand up and start beating strongly again.

                Yes, dear Heart, you are indeed sturdy, you choose to keep on existing despite the pain you are currently feeling.  I know you will eventually find in your essence to continue believing in the very thing you once fought for: LOVE.  Love can come in all forms; I do hope you realize that now.  Love need not be romantically-inclined; it can be purely platonic but completely satisfying.  Yes, you were a warrior for Love, but you got wounded because of your battles.  You started to believe that you fought for all the wrong reasons, I tell you now, that all the reasons were acceptable, it is the way you view those reasons that were slightly distorted.  When you got hurt, you immediately believed that what you have been fighting for was never real to begin with.  Please, dear Heart, do not cloud your judgement by the tears and the pain you acquired when the battle was lost.  I tell you that Love does exist, it may not be in the manner that you expected, but it is real.  Please take time to heal and come back stronger.

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                You fought bravely for things that you stalwartly believed in.  You wear the battle scars of your zeal.  You are brave, but it is time for you to open your eyes to the reality that there will be battles where you have to face defeat in order to for you to appreciate all your victories.
                All things, both good and bad, must end, dear Heart.  Learn to accept that and move on.  You fought a great battle, but learn to recognize a losing one and let go.  Keep in mind that you only gave up on the battle, but not on the war.

                Rest now, dear Heart, close those aching eyes and breathe deeply.  Always know that you are loved and treasured.  Have a rest and when you are ready, open your arms and face the world, for that which you held dearly would still be there.