Monday, December 21, 2009

Missing all the Simple things in LIfe

Looking back at all of the things that has happened to me in the last few days, I am starting to miss the the simple things. The things that most of us took for granted, because we were to busy reaching for the stars and the flags taht were to high.

My dad was taken to the hospital yesterday because he had a stroke. It took us all by surprise because he was still okay. He was just complaining that he was a bit drowsy, so we thought that he just lacked sleep because he accompanied my mom, the night before, to the hospital. Then all of a sudden he vomited, but he was still conscious..Since we were not with him during that time, the driver persuaded him to go to the hospital, but he refuesd. It was only when they ran into his 1st cousins that he was brought to the hospital..He was then transferred to Iloilo Doctor's Hospital from the Janiuay District Hospital.

In the E.R, he began to fall asleep. Everybody was trying to distract him so that he won't lose consciousness. He was then requested a CTSCAN, so we went to St.Paul's Hospital, since th IDH CTSCAN was unavailable. The result of his scan showed that he has a small bleed in the his cerebral area, and that his brain was already swelling. Because of the swelling, his 3rd and 4th ventricles were compress,and this had caused to increase the pressure inside his skull, so he was scheduled for a STAT OR. He had to undergo a procedure called ventriculostomy, wherein a tube was placesd inside his head inorder to evacuate the fluid that was accumulating inside so that the pressure would be decreased.

Fortunately, after his operation, he was back to normal , even if his blood pressure is still erratic.

Today, he is alreadyokay...It was as if everything that happened yesterday was all a bad dream..

Never in my whole life did I expect that something like this would happen..Now,all i want is to wake once more and go about things just like before..