Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Taking on the world..and my life..

I graduated last April 5,2008 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology.

I was sooo happy that after 4 years of constantly slamming my head against concrete walls and metal lockers just to be able to understand the things that were supposed to learn as a part of the curriculum, I was able to go up the stage and receive my diploma..

OK..soo it wasn't really that hard..but it was not that easy either..
Yeah..I admit..The first 2 years..I had it easy..It was mostly about the basic stuff..And since I graduated from Assumption, most of the topics I encountered during my college years were just simple recall from my lessons during my high school..
The third and last year of my Medtech life was PURE HELL..I have to admit..even if i did passed with flying colors..i never had the chance to enjoy those years..
There was no time to hang out and chill..What with all the requirements and subjects to pass...

But I survived those 4 years..

My next obstacle was the Licensure Examinations..yeah..for me..It was make-or-break because..unlike others, I only have one chance...if i don't pass it on the first try..I will not have the opportunity to take it once again because..I have to pursue something else..

Yeah..The first 2 months of review classes were slightly difficult..because I took every session very seriously..but when the review classes in Manila started..I slackened..i was always late..i was absent more often than not..i never listen to any of the lectures..yeah..i copied notes..but my heart wasn't into it..
Study time at the dorm was fun..I admit..i was a bit encouraged to learn because my dorm mates was sooo conscientious.. but it got old after awhile..After the review..i stopped studying..I was more into hanging out..sleeping..all the things that would make me forget that i was about to take the BOARDS..
My friends were encouraging me to stop bumming around,and start hitting the books..but i told them that it was still a month before the exams..then before i knew was just 2-3 days before the exams..I panicked..soo..i started reading..but i guess it didn't help..soo..again..i quit..

I guess being a bookworm certainly has its comprehension was above par, and i mostly retained everything i learned, read and heard during the past months..but i was still not convinced..i have to say that the exams were easy..but not THAT easy..there were still some questions, that made me sweat blood..
After the test..we celebrated..and then it hit me..what if i didn't pass the exams because I did not take it seriously?...with that thought i cried..
Just imagine..from Megamall to Sta.Mesa..I never stopped crying..up until the time i found out that i PASSED..the tears won't go away..

But i guess..I did it..even though I was not that 4 years of hard work and diligence did pay ofF..that is why when people say that in order to be a MEDTECH you have to be SMART..i would totally disagree..YEAH..INTELLIGENCE IS A FACTOR..but..IF you don't work won't get to suRvive the course..


Take it from me..I'm one of those mediocre students..but I'm an RMT...

I am ready to face the world, and I know..I would make a great MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST


MARCH 2008:

"I can’t believe my internship’s over…"
"I can’t believe i managed to finish all my interviews"
" I can’t believe our thesis is done"

This month’s full of disbelief…i guess it’s because everybody managed to accomplished everything we need in order to go up the stage as a B.S Medical Technology graduate.

All of us are so ecstatic about the fact that everyday..we’re an inch closer to getting up the stage and graduating..
But despite the joy..we’re all a little bit sad inside..think about all seemed like yesterday that we were gathered inside Biolab A..shy and timid..and now we’re a month away from graduating..
We can’t seem to grasp the idea that a month from now, we won’t be meeting each other everyday anymore. We won’t be with each other as often as we’d like..We won’t be doing the things we’ve done for the past four years..
No more more copying of more hanging out during more more pissing each other off..and most of more of the words," classmates photocopy,nth pesos", "nkapainterview ka k mam muni na topic?", "aurgh..epistaxis "

Things that were taken for granted for the past 4 years will be greatly missed..i guess this is what the words "beginning of the end " means..

It was pretty tough, swimming through 4 years of medical technology training..all those nosebleeds and brain-wrecking quizzes, assignments and examinations..but we managed to surpass it all, and come out wanting more..

do we really want more or are we just not ready to let go of each other?…hmmm..i guess its a little bit of the PHARMED department.. we found friends.. we found love.. we found joy and tears, but most of all we found a FAMILY..

Its kind of overwhelming looking back at everything we’ve done just to have this one was four years of anxiety, 12 months of sleepless nights because of duties, 2 weeks of burning the midnight oil just to study, and 2 days of nearly having nervous breakdowns just thinking about the results of the comprehensive examinations..all these in exchange for just a day of recognition, and not more than an hour of commencement exercises.

I guess, us, parting ways does not really mean that we’re gonna forget each other altogether, but i guess its hard to let one another go because of all the things we’ve been through..Just thinking about the fact that one of these days, we’ll wake up and realize that we’re not gonna go to school anymore, that we’re not gonna put on our uniform and spend the whole day in the laboratory..

It really is hard letting go of the things we are used to doing, and the people we are used to spending everyday with, but nothing is permanent..sacrifices and risks are never absent if you want to grow and if you want to succeed.. i guess graduating is something that enables you to explore new horizons, with the assurance that when you go back to where you started, the people, who were with you before, would still be there..waiting for you..

its hard to let go of the hands you used to hold unto, when you were feeling insecure, but i guess now, i need to let go of those hands, and grow..but my hand will always here if those whom i was falling back on, would need it..i know that when i go back to the beginning, they will still be theer..

Congratulations, guys..we made it..we really are survivors..thanks for all the memories..and for everything you taught me..inside and outside of the classroom…

Because of you, i grew up..i came out of my shell..and i became an explorer..a risk taker, and someone strong..

Graduation isn’t the end coz once people make a bond that’s strong..distance in miles will never break it..the only thing capable of breaking it is the distance in your hearts..

There were a lot of things that happened to us that were unbelievable..but if we’re looking at what the results are, and the achievements we had..its all that matters..the past..the’s just clutter.

MT BATCH 2007-2008===We had a blast..its time to take that and let others experience it..

HOSPITAL STAFF===Thank you..although we had it tough..we really learned alot..

USA CLIN.LAB STAFF—Thanks for always being there..we couldn’t have done it without you..body fluids and tests will never be taken for granted..ever again..thanks for the push..because of that..we’re near the top..

MA’AM VICKY- Tnx for did us a really big favor..

DEAN ONG=== Thanks for all the opportunities.. not the beginning of the end, its just a beginning..a start of a new chapter..and as the song goes," every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end"..


We all passed our licensure examinations..We are now REGISTERED MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTS.

Some of us are resting..preparing for a new chapter..may it be AMT, ASCPI or MEDICINE life..
Most of us are now practicing the skills we've learned so intensely..

We have gone our separate ways, guys..but we will always remain as one..MEDTECH FAMILY BATCH '07-'08

(I miss them a lot..huhuhuhu)

My Memories of Graduation day

HoLding ON…

25012007153April 5,2008:

The day when everything we’ve worked so hard for is finally rewarded..


those words are synonymous to fulfillment, achievement, and success…

But as i was working on the Medtech’s baccalaureate "history" presentation..I had this funny feeling..then it dawned on me..No matter how excited I am that I’m days closer to having a year-round vacation, I can’t seem to let go of the fact that i’m about to leave something very familiar behind…
i guess i really am sentimental..But looking at all those pictures, and trying to decide what pictures should go in the movie presentation..I can’t help, but wish that that those photo collections would grow bigger and bigger..

Back to reality…
I know i can’t turn back time, and I know that those pictures would not grow in number anymore(except maybe if we still have more photo ops after graduation) i guess all i’ve got are those memories..

I had a lot of opportunities that made my stay in PMT worth treasuring..

i used to be the girl, working behind the scenes..but now, I am one of the front of the camera..and i have my friends to thank for that..
They believed in me..they were the ones, who pushed me to do things that i never thought i could..
I was timid and silent, when i first entered the department, but they taught me to express, and shout out, "THIS iS WHO I AM"…

So thanks,guys,for everything..

I moving on..but i will never ever learn to let go..coz all of these are worth holding on to…


Staying at USA-CL sure have its moments..hehehe..guess doing nothing gives you alot of time to think about everything..hehehe..
These past few weeks had been a roller coaster ride for me..kinda like that ride in Final Destination 3(wish it was real, and i’m one of those passengers..hehehe)..
Thnks to that magazine in the lab..i’ve realized something..RELIGIOUS magazine sh*t is BENEFICIAL..hehehehe..i’m gonna share what i read and what i learned during that "nothing-to-do-so-lets-read-that-magazine-in-the-info" day..

Falling in love happens to everyone:fat, thin, tall, short, intelligent, uneducated, holy, not so holy, dark, white, yellow, really doesn’t matter.
All of us fall in love..And we get stuck in myths that drive us absolutely crazy!
I’m gonna share 2 of these myths..and i’m gonna convince you not to believe them..

This is such a tricky myth ‘coz LOVE-as defined by the bible-will conquer all, but love-as defined by glazed-eyed lovers-will NOT.
If you believe in this myth, you might:

1.Overlook major obstacles in your relationship
Everyone might wonder why you chose that creature from outer space as you boyfriend. Your best friends are telling you to dump him, your family is telling you to throw him out of a running vehicle, that lady from the sari-sari store told you to lace his drinks with poison..but you won’t..why?..because you’re IN LOVE..(that’s why there are songs entitled:"you and me against the world"..hehehe)
Your best buds comment:"he’s been jobless for 3 years"..
you answer:he’ free-spirited. he feels boxed in when he’s in the office(uhhmm..translation:he’s an undisciplined, lazy bum!)
Your colleagues say:"He flirts with other women constantly!"
you say: No..he’s just friendly(NEWSFLASH!!..he’s a PERVERT!!)
Your cousins told you: "He’s taking drugs. He’s got needle marks all over his arm. You say: No..He’s just into cross stitching(say what????OUCH!!)

2. You overstay in toxic relationships, believing that your love will change the person

You can never change the person, if he/she doesn’t want to start your eyes, dahling!!..Even a wedding officiated by three Popes cannot transform anybody..The person you’ll march INTO the church, will be the same person you’ll march with OUT of the church. He/she doesn’t change one tiny bit. in fact, marriage makes the hidden more obvious..if he/she was selfish before the wedding, he/she will be even more selfish after you tie the knot..If he/she was hypercritical before marriage, he/she will be more vile and prolific with his criticisms after the wedding..

want the truth?…You need more than feeling of love to make a relationship work. You need mature character, total commitment,and a minimum level of compatibility..especially in the compatibility of values and life mission.."We’re compatible..Our name begins with the letter J..I’m Julie, his Julio. We’re both born in July"(nosebleed?….so DEEP, it makes me wanna cry..hehehehehehe)


I’m pretty sure you had this experience before..*wink*

You’re in a crowded’re surrounded by noisy chatter, when suddenly this girl/boy enters the door..your eyes meet..instantly, time stands still, the universe grinds to a halt(deja vu anyone?… know who you are)..Except for this person in front of you, everything in your vision becomes a giant blur. The hubbub of the crowd becomes a soft muffle and, from out of nowhere, you here gentle violin music from the background.

One week later, the person is your boyfriend/girlfriend

A few weeks later, you discover that your bf/gf’s a pathological liar, buried in debt, borrows money from all his gf/bfs(you’re his 8th in SIX MONTHS!!!)

your mind says, "dump him"

your heart says,"but it was love at first sight"

CONSEQUENCES????,,here goes:

1.You become so focused on the magical first moment, you become blind to the dark sides of the relationship

Six out of seven days, you’re fighting with your boyfriend/girlfriend..but you can’t give him/her up because you met in such a magical moment..Your car keys fell, and he picked it up, and then, your eyes met, you smelled his deodorant, and you dropped your keys again..(or in rare occasions, you came out of the blood bank dept..sat in the screening area, saw her haggard face..and your world stopped..hehehe) could you not be meant for each other???

2.You become a love-at-first-sight junkie that you could miss out on the "real thing"

Listen..You don’t need a magical first moment to meet your Mr. Right..The important things are mature character, financial responsibility, and ability for commitment..It doesn’t have to be love at first sight..In fact relationships with the least adjustments are those between friends, who’ve known each other for years before they realized that they were meant to be together..

Love at first sight?..NAH!!..many times, it’s just lust at first sight..or infatuation at first sight..don’t give it to much weight..

Truth is..It takes a moment to experience infatuation, but true love takes a lifetime..

WHEW!!..reality does bite..hehehe..thanks to that freakin’ mag..i realized a lot of things..damn!..if i was cynical before..these really turned me into a non-believer..hehehe..kiddin’ aside..there’s some truth to what i said..and believe me..thinking about these things before plunging into the deep end of intimacy could save you a lot of tears, and it can protect you from countless heartaches..

Guys..take it easy..just wade into the shallow part first and move your way down into the deep end of the pool..alright?…Love doesn’t need that violin music or that "my world stopped when i saw you" crap..

Be a realist..LOVE needs more of "we’ll do our parts to make this work" and less of that,"i don’t care if you’re committed..i love you and i cant go on living without you coz you’re the only girl for me" crap..

LOVE-AT-FIRST SIGHT..LOVE WILL CONQUER ALL..sweet the words may be..but you have to open your eyes..they are not REAL..they may be for some..but it doesn’t last long..and it isn’t always perfect..for even if these word could be something you could relate to..or something you think is a part of your life..this could be nothing more than just MYTHS..