Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What's up,Dad?

Dear Dad,


How are you? I hope you are well.  It's been a long time since we had a decent talk.
  I'm sorry we don't get to talk as often anymore.  Life's been kind of busy.  I guess there's no better time to catch up than the present.

 Life has been good to me so far.  I graduated Med school, I got my license, and guess what,dad, my limbs are still intact..hehehe.. I had the time of my life when I was studying in med school.  It had a rough patches, but I managed to survive it all.

 Francis and I are still together after 8 years, he can still keep up with my quirks and eccentricities.  For sure, this one's a keeper *wink wink*

I still dance, paint and write,Do.  oh, before I forget, the"karate kid" is back, though it's more of the MMA stuff rather than the wax in-wax out type that we used to do.

Margarette and Nicole are happily married with very beautiful children.  Wayne will still be our "Buknoy" and Willott is still your "Sir" despite the fact that Eine already graduated college, and both of your boys are already career men..hehehe

Kyle is well on his way to becoming a dentist,Do, and Kurt is fastly becoming a male Kei when it comes to the performing arts.  They still are your little babies even if they tower over all us at 6 feet 4inches.

You have 4 new very smart,very talented, and very beautiful grandchildren (none of which came from me,btw).  Lucas is the eldest, he's an animal lover and loves to do his DIY with his mom.  Eisner's the second one, he's all sporty and a very loving "kuya" to your 3rd and youngest grand daughter, Qaimish.  She's very beautiful,do, and very radiant.  Little Kenzie's the 4th one, and is just like me, She's a little hurricane, and tends to get all hyper for no apparent reason.

The rest of the gang is doing just fine.  We did all these, and we achieved so much because you were there to guide us.  Your simple, yet very firm, rules kept us straight.

It's amazing how technology can connect us, even if you're far.  Distance, indeed, is not an issue with us.  So, thank you, modern times, for this.

But isn't God more astonishing because even if heaven is light years away, and you are in a completely different dimension from us, I still get to tell you everything.

It was a good talk,Do.  I still have a lot to tell you, but I know you're busy celebrating your birthday.

Let's talk again soon...hmmm..maybe later..:)

You may not have the luxury of your phone there, but at least you have mail.
My mail will be sent to you as fast as I blink, for my message will be sent to you by angels in the form of prayers.


You know how much we all miss you.  It's been 6 years, but it still feels like yesterday.  I know you could read this, and I know you're proud of all of us.

We love you, and we miss you every single day

Enjoy heaven and please say Hi to the family for us..

Happy Birthday in heaven,Dodo!

Your spawn,