Wednesday, July 28, 2010

parasites..dancing..and friends

Yesterday, I was sitting in class listening to the professor talk about host-parasite relationships..he talked about symbiosis, opportunism, commensalism, and parasitism.
I was listening to him intensely that i forgot who and where i was. I then turned around...and saw my medicine classmates, listening attentively as well.
I was nostalgic just listening to Dr. Jurao. i was half expecting to see my medtech classmates when i turned my back on the teacher, and faced those who were sitting behind me. I was hoping to see them horsing around, not understanding anything at all.

I graduated from BSMT last April 2008, but i can't seem to let go of those happy-go-lucky people i was with 2 years ago. I miss the way we were when we are all together..the "kantiawanay", the "lakwatsa", the "sleeping-anywhere", and most of all i miss the dancing.

I used to dance when i was in college. I always look forward to PMT week, and the dance derby because i know..i would certainly lose weight..
I love dancing to the rhythm of fast-beat music, wherein "ang counting bala 2 steps per count☺"..and i like to see all of us in sync, its as if we are one. But most of all, i miss dancing to the cheering of my friends.

Now, i am dancing to a new music, and genre.. and my troupe is not the same anymore, but thanks to my lithium-deficient, one-of-a-kind medtech friends. i still know how to dance to the rhythm of life.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Fairytales and Reality

20 years ago..I was a kid..I was one of those little girls, who loved to read about a prince and a princess falling in love. riding off into the sunset, and remain happy for the rest of their lives.

Now, I still have a part of that little girl beside me, and lets just say that I am still fond of reading fairy tales. But these stories aren't in books anymore. These stories became a part of my life. It became a part of who I am.
My life is a storybook. I had my share of fables, myths and, of course, my very own wonderland fairytale. As always, a story will never be complete without a villain. And my villain came in a form of death.

5 months ago, I became Snow White. I had my dwarves, my prince charming, and my own poison apple. The witch took my DAD away, and sadly, even a thousand true love's kiss can never bring him back. All this time I wish i was Jasmine so i could ask Genie to grant my wish to turn back time, or I could be Aurora, so that I would have my 3 fairy godmothers to give my dad the gift of sleeping for a century, and wake up after someone gives him true love's first kiss. Unfortunately, all the wishes and gifts in the world can never bring him back. It can never turn back time.
His passing woke me up and made me realize that fairy tales do exist, and with it comes the reality of tears, pain, and lost love. I was able to see the truth that the "evil stepmother" is real, that no matter how enchanting and surreal her beauty is, the old hag will always be there lurking, ready to give you that poison apple. My dad unlucky enough to bite into the hag's apple, and because of that, he fell into a deep sleep..never waking up again.

I have moved on, and I have accepted the fact that my dad's in a better place now, but like all other little girls, I'm still hoping for a happily ever after. i 'm still hoping to look through the looking glass and see my dad waving at me, smiling.

I am Snow White..I have my Prince Charming, my dwarfs, and of course..THE WICKED WITCH will always be there.

In time, I may be able to destroy the Witch, but for now..I'm gonna write my story page by page, and hope that this story would end with me looking at my dad, smiling, and saying," DO,we will always live happily ever after"

This is in memory of my dad. I only had 22 years with him before something the almighty took him away from me and my whole family. This is one way of telling him that I know what happened, and i had accepted the fact that life really is unfair. I know he's reading this right now, and I now that he knows that we all miss him so much.
"Do, we know the "witch" took you away, but don't worry, her apple won't be inflicting pain or tears to anyone anymore. We love you soo much,do..We miss you. I just want you to know na number 4 gli ko sa skul..I know you are proud of me. I LOVE YOU..some people may not know it now, but i guess in time they would realize that the kids and the family you left behind will never leave each other behind, and that you will be our inspiration to continue fighting"