Thursday, January 12, 2017

Don't Break

Dear Heart,

 It's a new year, but you have been feeling the same despair since day 1.

I know you're tired, but please be strong.  Do not break.  Continue to beat..Beat and fight for yourself and for the others around you.

These are trials that you have to face, and there will be times that you will hurt so badly that you will bleed.  It's part of what you are.  You were made to be surpass whatever trials come your way.  You have never been one for the rules.  In the anatomy of life, you never listen to the thoughts and opinions of the brain.  You make your own decision, and you set your own path.

It's who you are, heart, so don't change. You trip, you stumble, and you always fall, but you still get up and keep on walking.  You are strong, don't let other people tell you otherwise.

I know the past month or so has been tedious and a bit of a struggle for you.  I can feel you hurting.. I can feel you getting exhausted.  There are times that I can barely breathe because I can feel you take up too much space.  I feel you trying to outrun the agony.  I know you have been trying to escape the pain.  I feel it every single day.  I feel you getting weaker and weaker each day, but you kept fighting.

All you feel, I feel twice as much.  Each time you run out of breath, I feel the suffocation.  The times you run so fast just to be okay, I feel the crushing pain and the exhaustion.  The moments you try to slow down and go numb, I feel the world closing in, and each time you feel like giving up, I can see the blackness creeping in the corners of my eyes.

You are strong,dear heart, I know you are.  Hold on.

You have been hurt..You are bleeding..You have the battle scars for all your triumphs and failures..

I own you, so I feel all your trials and tribulations, but most of all I feel your pain and exhaustion.

Just rest and continue fighting,dear Heart..

Continue to love..Continue to Fight..

I cry each time you feel the sadness..

I love you,heart, that's why I'm urging you to be strong and keep fighting..

I know you're serene..Rest..

but please..

Don't Break..

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