Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Heart's Message to Soaring Wings

Dear Loves,

 You all did great..
Thank you for everything.for the friendship..for being constantly there..
For the laughter..For the push every time I feel like giving up..For the constant reminder that I am stronger and smarter than I really am..I may be older than you, but you all became, in one way or another, my friend, my confidant, my partner, my secret family..

You conquered Medschool and Internship..Next phase of this challenge is the Boards,
I know you can do it.. You will all pass..claim it..
The preparation and the review will be time-consuming, nerve-wracking, and you will be both physically and emotionally drained.  The months leading up to the final leg of the MD race is tiring, and you will be exhausted majority of the time.  Hold on and persevere..and in 5 months time, you will all be beaming with pride, while holding up that little plastic card.

There will be times that you will get too tired to go on.. You will feel the pressure building as  September approaches.  When everything gets too hard, or too tough.  Pause for a moment, drop your books, get some fresh air, and pray.. Prayer goes a long way..Take it from someone, who constantly went through hell and had countless bouts of panic attacks while preparing for the examinations.  Prayer gets you through all the rough patches, guys..It will surely give you the boost you need to pass that coveted examinations.

I have always been clingy, and I unknowingly became a big sister to most of you.  I never see myself as your resident, I always see myself as your "manang" .  Seeing you go makes me sad, but it makes me happy at the same time knowing that your dreams will soon become reality.  I don't like letting go of the familiar.. And being the new kid, you, all, were my safe haven.

I have never been academically gifted, but I do hope that I have taught you enough.  Just remember that no matter what you do, the grades you get will never be a reflection of the kind of person you are.  Aim to top the Boards, guys, so that if you fall short, you will still pass.  Never settle for the mediocre, always aim for the best.

Remember that I will always be  a text or call away when you need someone to talk to..I will be here for you 24/7.  

I fell in love with each and every single one of you,guys..Thank you for everything..You made training bearable for a person with a pathological clingyness.

Fly high, loves..
Spread your beautiful wings and soar..and when you land, I will be there happy to welcome you home..

Love You,Guys
I'll Miss You

Your Overly Attached "Manang"
"I found family in you"

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