Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tears in a Dream

Him: Hi!
Her:Hey,what's up?
Him: I have something to say.
Him: I love you
Him: Because...
Her: That's not good enough
Him: But I'm saying it with all sincerity
Her: If you are, then let me you ask a question
Him: What?
Her: Do you love because you see a confidant, or do you love me because you need love in your life?
Him: I love you because you made me feel that despite my imperfections I can still be a good man.
Her: What if I don't feel the same?
Him; It would hurt, and I would definitely have a broken heat, but it's the price of true love
Her; I'm glad you feel that way.
Her: Because  I also love you.....................................
Her; As strongly as a sister loves her brother.
Him: I totally understand. I'm happy we had this chat.
Her: I appreciate it also
Him: Wait..
Her: Yes?
Him; Would this all be over?the friendship?
Her; No,it won't.  Continue loving yourself, and you can always bet I'm here beside you.
Him: Will you still love me?or by any chance be in love with me?
Her: Know this and take it by heart.  I will always be here for you, no matter what.  I will be your ears, you shoulder, and I would most definitely be your cane.
Him: So you will forever be with me?
Her; If you want me to be here.
Him: I do
Her: Then it's settled.  I will be your shadow
Him: Will you hold the broken pieces of my heart?
Her: I will.  
Him; Will you put it back together?
Her: I will help you heal, but not in the way you want me to
Him; Will you be mine.
Her: I will always be yours
Him: The pieces are starting to mend
Her: It would crack with the dawn..
Him: Yes, I know.
Her: Be strong each time it mends and cracks for it will always be a cycle
Him; Why?
Her; For each time you wake up, you would realize that the only time I'm loving you is through this dream.

Him: I know, my angel.  Goodbye.

Dreams are our escape, but some dreams were meant to make you realize that the situation you are in are just that...DREAMS...

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